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It’s only natural to be skeptical about a product as innovative and effective as SIGNALS.
Here are answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you still have a question about SIGNALS that isn’t covered here, contact us directly and we’ll answer your question pronto.

Do any of these creams use actual stem cells?

No. Our scientists in the SIGNALS laboratories have created a completely bioidentical form of treatment, which matches the effects of skin cell technology in every way. In other words, we analyzed the chemical makeup of the skin cells from a healthy woman in her twenties and recreated that formation in the lab. This is the “stem cell” ingredient added to SIGNALS that creates such an amazing difference to your skin in such a short amount of time.

How can I be sure I can get more of your products once I run out?

Join our convenient Auto Ship program. It guarantees you delivery of SIGNALS products on a regular basis, or your next shipment is free.

How long before I see results?

Examination of skin cells under a microscope, will reveal an improvement in one day. IN fact some people have commented that they have visually noticed an improvement in their appearance after just one application. However, the difference can really be noticed within two weeks of starting the SIGNALS program — and sometimes much earlier. Our independent clinical studies showed a 107% increase in hydration in just 2 weeks. Hydration is the key to softening your skin, filling out wrinkles and giving your skin that “forever young” look.

Do these products actually reverse the aging cycle?

Nothing can stop the aging cycle, but you can reverse the effects that it has on your skin with SIGNALS. The ingredients in these remarkable creams are designed to positively affect the body’s genes. Their effectiveness was proven in a scientific study released in October, 2007. The product is designed to give your skin the help it needs to maintain a younger look by replenishing chemicals that your body stops producing in your cells as you age. Consequently, the changes you see in your skin will continue for as long as you use the product.

I really like the hydrating effect of the night cream. May I also use it during the day?

It won’t hurt anything, but we don’t recommend it. Different compounds actually work better at night when the skin goes through its repair cycle. The night cream is specially designed to work while you sleep. The entire SIGNALS program will produce better results if you follow the instructions and use the product as directed.

Do these products protect me from the sun?

No. However, you are free to use sunscreen and makeup as you normally would. The SIGNALS creams are still able to do their work.

The exfoliant is not abrasive. I am used to abrasion when exfoliating my skin. Is it still working?

Yes. The exfoliant in SIGNALS is just as effective as the abrasive exfoliant used in other skin care systems, but it’s much more comfortable to use

Can I buy Signals in retail stores?

No. SIGNALS is only available on a “first-come-first-served” basis, from this website.

I saw another stem cell skin cream advertised. What is the difference between Signals and any others?

As we mentioned before, SIGNALS does not use “true” stem cells in its product. This helps to eliminate any concern some people might have about the “Frankenstein” aspect of stem cell technology. In addition, our products are the only ones on the market which use TRUE stem cell technology, to enlist all of the SIGNALS necessary to provide safe and effective benefits to the skin. The results you can achieve with regular use of SIGNALS have been validated in a clinical study.

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